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La presse en parle…

Sur scène

«Compelling music, compellingly played… a marvellous performance and clearly a definitive interpretation.»

Edmonton Classical Music (Canada), mars 2017

«***** Stars — It was quite simply a revelation, a cleansing of the ears, and played with matchless conviction and immaculate technique.»

The Scotsman (RU), novembre 2016

«The comtemplatieve stacking of musical layers, the extremely long lyrical lines, interrupted by great silences, the tones were sometimes detained for half a minute, all in concentration brought by the musicians: it was an inexpressible and indefinable experience.»

, octobre 2016

«***** Stars — Bozzinis have a wonderful way with his exquisite monochromes»

The Guardian (RU), octobre 2016

«I believe that this is a great opportunity for any composer who wants to become the best chef in their musical kitchen.»

The Sampler (RU), octobre 2016

«The sounds are remarkably solid and compacted in the string quartet Between Blue, partly because he regularly makes the entire quartet playing the same musical line, make it sound like one instrument.»

Nieuwe Noten (Pays-Bas), septembre 2016

«The piece has an intoxicating character… Oesterle brings us in a sort of daze with its repetitive patterns, thanks to the tight interplay of this excellent quartet.»

Nieuwe Noten (Pays-Bas), septembre 2016

«This was easily the best improvisation by a large Quebec ensemble heard here in many years.»

All About Jazz (ÉU), mai 2016

«Micro-variations au programme, différents réglages en cours de route… Paisible, méditatif, sensuel.»

La Presse (Québec), mai 2016

«Ces pièces, qui ne comportent pas plus de 100 notes chacune, sont plus que des balbutiements.»

Le Devoir (Québec), mai 2016

Sur disque

«… uniquely beautiful, but defiantly provocative works.»

Drifter dans The WholeNote #22:8 (Canada), mai 2017

«Over the past year or so I haven’t been alone in noticing how much of the freshest, most intriguing and affecting music has been coming from Canadian composers.»

Drifter dans Boring Like A Drill, mai 2017

«… also alights on some lovely episodes of waxing and waning counterpoint, its fragility countered by the unity displayed by the quartet as a whole.»

Drifter dans 5:4 (RU), avril 2017

«Evocative imagery for truly evocative music-making.»

Drifter dans Sequenza 21 (ÉU), avril 2017

«Drifter is impossible to fault; it is impeccable from first note to last»

Drifter dans All About Jazz (ÉU), avril 2017

«mind-blowing album […] masterpiece of experimental music»

Chants et danses… with Strings! dans Can this even be called music?, mars 2017

«The results are beautiful: poised and thoughtful, never forced.»

Drifter dans The Guardian (RU), mars 2017

«Since forming in 1999, Montréal’s Quatuor Bozzini have steadily ascended to become not only one of the most daring string quartets in Canada, but in the entire world. The consistently bring both an exquisite touch and a refined sensibility to music that demands invisible rigor.»

Christopher Butterfield: Trip dans Bandcamp daily (ÉU), mars 2017

«… the tantalizing extract from a Quatuor Bozzini performance of Smith’s string quartet Folkestone

Drifter dans The Log Journal (ÉU), janvier 2017


Chants et danses… with Strings! dans Voir (Québec), janvier 2017

Prochains concerts

3 juin: Ellen Fullman + Greg Davis (Suoni Per Il Popolo 2017, Série de musique suspendue), Montréal, Québec

4 juin: Quatuor Bozzini invite Phill Niblock (Suoni Per Il Popolo 2017, Série de musique suspendue), Montréal, Québec

5 juin: Mary Margaret O’Hara, Allison Cameron, Marielle Groven et Peggy Lee — Quatuor Bozzini interprète Allison Cameron et Marielle Groven (Suoni Per Il Popolo 2017, Série de musique suspendue), Montréal, Québec

9 juin: Traces: Concert bénéfice Clinique psychanalytique de Montréal, Montréal, Québec

27 juin au 30 juin: Dresden Kinder Komponistenklassen: Atelier, Dresde, Allemagne

5 juillet: Quatuor Bozzini (Time of Music (Musiikin aika) 2017), Viitasaari, Finlande

7 juillet: Quatuor Bozzini (Time of Music (Musiikin aika) 2017), Viitasaari, Finlande

9 juillet: Quatuor Bozzini (Time of Music (Musiikin aika) 2017), Viitasaari, Finlande

4 août: Noam Bierstone - Isaiah Ceccarelli - Quatuor Bozzini (Time Spans 2017), New York, New York, ÉU

21 août au 29 août: Atelier (Bozzini Lab Montréal 2017), Montréal, Québec


Quatuor Bozzini
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