Arham Aryadi

M. Arham Aryadi is an Indonesian Composer. He is known founder and music director Indonesian Contemporary Gamelan Ensemble (ICGE).

He completed his bachelor of arts in music composition at Conservatory Of Music Pelita Harapan University (UPH) and he continued master’s degree in urban arts creation at Jakarta Arts Institute, Postgraduate (IKJ).

He working with Franki Raden Founded Indonesian National (INO) and concerts in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney Australia (2011). He became music teacher at Vocational School of Arts Sarasvati, Lecturer at Sekolah Tinggi Seni Musik Cantata (STSMC) and music teacher at Avicenna Senior High School Jagakarsa.

His works have been perform at 5th Malaysian Composer Series at KLPAC be invited Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tazul Izan Tajuddin (2014). 7th Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival (2014). Commission from Goethe Institute Jakarta and KFW Stiftung Ruang Suara project performed with Ensemble Modern (Germany) and concerts in Frankfurt, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bandung (2015). Commission from Ensemble Multilatérale (France) performed in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Paris (2017). SMCC Soundbridge Music Festival be invited Dr. Chong Kee Yong, concerts in DPAC Kuala Lumpur with Ensemble Studio C (2017). Commission from Hongkong University Music Departement with HKU Gamelan in Sounding Architecture Concert (2018). Commission from Hongkong New Music Ensemble (HKNME) in Shadow of Wind Concert at The Hongkong Academy of Perfoming Arts be invited William Lane (2018). Commission from Tony Prabowo curator Theater Salihara and Quatuor Bozzini from Canada in August (2018) and November get funding from Kelola Foundation for Hibah Seni Pentas Keliling Tour Concert with Indonesian Contemporary Gamelan Ensemble (ICGE) New Music in Gamelan at Madura Island at Pamekasan and Bangkalan using 300th years old Gamelan.

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Arham Aryadi

[Muhammad Arham Aryadi]

Jakarta (Indonesia)

Residence: Jakarta (Indonesia)

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