Fabrizio Gilardino

Fabrizio Gilardino is a bespectacled, infra-thin young man in his early fifties.

He co-founded and run, along with Michel F Côté, &records (2003-2014).

Between 2004 and 2007 he played in the noise-improv-rock trio FoodSoon, with guitarist Bernard Falaise and drummer Alexander MacSween.

Since the 1980s he has been working as graphic designer, illustrator, journalist for music magazines and radios, artistic director and curator.

Over the years, he has gone to the pictures with Elliott Sharp, eaten a pad thai with Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer, walked Catherine Jauniaux to the hairdresser’s, interviewed John Zorn a couple of times, celebrated Marshall Allen’s 90th birthday and shared grilled chestnuts and a few glasses of red wine with Neneh Cherry.


Fabrizio Gilardino

Biella (Italy), 1961

  • Composer
  • Performer (prepared tapes, electronics)
  • Visual artist (graphic design, illustration)

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