Peter Hansen

I’m a composer living on the tiny island of Donsö.The island is located in a small archipelago, just a short boatride from the mainland and the town of Gothenburg (Sweden). I mostly concentrate my creative output on contemporary “art”-music although i sometimes compose some beatmusic for fun.


Born 1958 in Örebro I began piano lessons at the age of six and then later on i was tought harmony. First composition Romanza when i was nine. (Performed on a schoolconcert 1967. I also played the rondo in D major KV 485 by Mozart on the same occasion. I remember i was very nervous and a bit frightened) I was also the pupil of the fine conductor and composer Sixten Eckerberg from the age of 12 until i was 14.

Sturm und Drang

During my wild hippieteens and the beginning of my twenties i played a lot of rock, pop and different genres of Jazzmusic (bebop, freeform…) I usually played the keyboards, but sometimes i switched to rythmguitar (and even bassguitar!).

On the narrow way again

The happy years of consumption and irresponsibility (lots of fun) came to a halt when i entered the Gothenburg college of music at age 23 Besides my piano, conducting and organ studies I also studied composition. with Pavol Simai. During the second half of the eighties i was a private pupil of the stern Hungarian minimalist Zoltan Jeney. I also attended some classes led by the late Luigi Nono. I visited Darmstadt and similar festivals during these years. 1988-95 I tought harmony, counterpoint, solfége, analysis and composition at the Gothenburg college of music. 1982-2005 I served as organist of St. Andrews anglican church of England in Gothenburg.

Escape and asyl

1992 i was fed up with all the noises and filtered pandemonium that prevailed in the city, and moved to the island of Donsö. (In fact my wife’s green green grass of home)

Nostalgic sidetrack

Maybe urged by bits of nostalghia, i recorded two syntpopalbums for fun in my livingroom 1998-2000. Although the production was rather cheap and the equipment was far from professional standards, i learned a lot about recording and soundediting during the sessions.


Peter Hansen

Örebro (Sweden), 1958

Residence: Germany

  • Composer


Past concerts

1 Octo 2004
In person
Borås (Sweden)