Lines and Spaces

Naomi Pinnock / Bozzini Quartet, Omar Ebrahim, London Sinfonietta, Beat Furrer, Richard Uttley, Ensemble Adapter

On this portrait-CD the British composer Naomi Pinnock creates tender-fragile, finely differentiated sound formations from highly reduced sound material. The attempt to transform imperfection into sound is crucial for Pinnock’s work. Dirk Wieschollek explains in the CD-booklet: ‘The concentration and compression of musical gestures into essential expressive elements, always accompanied by the possibility of not existing at all, are often taken to a melancholic extreme.’ String Quartet No. 2 for example in the beginning remains in a heavy, wearily advancing motion created by varied expressive repetitions of a descending chord progression. In the second movement it segues into resigned, melancholic sound circles which end in a barely perceptible, toneless pizzicato at the bridge. The compositions on this portrait-CD reflect the range of works of Naomi Pinnock from solo pieces to larger vocal and instrumental compositions, interpreted by internationally renowned artists as Richard Uttley, Quatuor Bozzini, London Sinfonietta and Ensemble Adapter.


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  • Label: Wergo
  • WER 64312
  • 2020
  • UCC 4010228643121
  • Total duration: 53:21

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