Gyula Csapó: Déjà? Kojâ?

Bozzini Quartet


A Canada Council for the Arts commission, dedicated to Quatuor Bozzini. The title — a mix of French and Persian [1] — means Already? Where (to)?. Déjà? Kojâ? is, in itself, a three-part concert with two intermissions. Its Parts reference the same basic materials from varying perspectives. Event-fossils, memory-ruptures crossbred within them, seldom permitted to congeal into sustained linear processes. In essence, a dirge, the work reveals itself in an epic (as opposed to dramatic) time-perspective. Timbre and register function as changing light (it’s infrared now; now it’s ultra-violet), cast upon fragmentation: largely atemporal loci, where we breathe in the atmospheres of faraway planets. Fractals are illuminated in a most realistic, positive sense (recall Roberto Bolaño’s infrarealism). Art is doing its duty, penetrating the maze before it. Reality — not its pretty illusions — is stared in the face; the music takes its never-letting-off hands in an ominous dance. The soft touch of hands, put into fire, withstand it: where technology melts and its metal evaporates, Art still stands, facing the Abyss. No heroism, sentiments: just the epic testament of a child, pulling after her some toy across no matter what terrain, witnessing the indelible marks on it, of the journey.

Gyula Csapó

  1. Notably, from a ghazal by Hafez: Kojâ ravîm, béfarmâ, az în janâb, kojâ? (Where are we going, please tell me, from this threshold, where? English translation by Gyula Csapó) Threshold refers here to our earthly existence which is not yet the salon, let alone the bedroom; merely the threshold before the entrance…
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CQB 1821