In the press


Rolf Haglund, Borås Tidning, December 12, 2003
Here we have a dream quartet among the string quartets of the world, the Canadian Bozzini Quartet from Montréal… The overtone rich sound that the four musicians supplied in the final number, James Tenney’s Koan, became one of my most sacred moments… The young performers Clemens Merkel and Nadia Francavilla, violin, and Stephanie and Isabelle Bozzini, viola and cello, were like a vision… Played with this etching clarity, brightness and yet cool restraint, (Beethoven’s late quartets) would be an experience we can still only dream of.


Rolf Haglund, Borås Tidning, December 10, 2003
… with this group performing, (Koan from James Tenney) will likely feel like the heavens opening… What a gift we received with (Jurg Frey’s) second quartet… And what glowing playing!