Musique de chambre (noire)

Akousma 12

  • [Image: Nathalie Bujold]
  • [Image: Nathalie Bujold]
  • [Image: Nathalie Bujold, 2012]
  • [Image: Nathalie Bujold, 2012]
  • [Photograph: Nathalie Bujold]




This event is part of the Musique de chambre (noire) project.

This show-concert intimately blends manipulated images by videographer, Nathalie Bujold, with evoking music by composer, Taylor Brook, and by Quatuor Bozzini, who ventures in unpublished explorations. This creative collaboration results in a constant “trialogue” between the live ensemble, the images, and the soundtrack.

Nathalie Bujold’s approach was to produce images with the sound, to create sound with the images, and to embrace the challenge of integrating Taylor Brook’s propositions and Quatuor Bozzini’s live music as a whole.

The public was able to appreciate one aspect of this collaboration during the presentation of the installation, Études vidéographiques pour instruments à cordes, by Nathalie Bujold at the Cinémathèque québécoise in April 2015, as a part of and in collaboration with the Festival international des films sur l’art.

This time, it is the performance version of the original samples and improvisations that are featured. To complement the intimate and unornamented images of stringed instruments, the rich landscapes of Salt Spring Island (BC), captured during a first residency at the ArtSpring Centre in 2012, are integrated into the canvas.

The works Breaking Out, Stagger and Quatuor de quatuors by Taylor Brook and the musicians’ multitude of improvisations accentuate the images. The result: a most dynamic visual and musical fresco!

  • Performance of written and improvised music: Quatuor Bozzini
  • Composition of written music: Taylor Brook
  • Videos — image and sound: Nathalie Bujold
  • Sound: Pierre-Marc Beaudoin

Co-produced by Quatuor Bozzini and the Cinémathèque québécoise, and presented as part of Akousma 12.