String Quartet Night

Ostrava Days 2019

  • Thursday, August 29, 2019 7:00 pm
    Ostrava (Czech Republic)




After more than 10 years, Bozzini Quartet returns to Ostrava. This concert will feature the world premiere of Christian Wolff’s string quartet Out of Kilter, whichwas commissioned by Bozzini Quartet and is dedicated to its players. The quartet will also perform Music of the Spheres by the German-American composer Johanna Magdalena Beyer (1888—1944) from 1938. It is a pioneering work that combines instruments and electronics, though Beyer remains relatively unknown today despite her innovations. Bozzini will also perform Petr Kotík’s String Quartet No. 1 and Commedia dell’arte II by the Canadian-Serbian composer Ana Sokolović.