For its twentieth season, the eclectic and versatile Quatuor Bozzini delves into the rich string quartet repertoire and offers a retrospective of pieces written specifically for the group. Trip is an intimate experience shared with intensity, pushing the boundaries of sound and of the concert experience itself.

Although written in the standard form of four movements, Christopher Butterfield’s Trip is far removed from the classical form. Counterpoint, grotesque waltzes, canons, and even the occasional unexpected appearance of sounds from a live-tuned radio are explored in turn, taking the listener on a breathtaking journey.

Michael Oesterle’s Daydream Mechanics V explores hypnotic figures, inspired by Quebec poet Nicole Brossard’s book Mécanique Jongleuse. Whereas in Cassandra Miller’s Leaving we follow in her wake, collectively transcribing the melody played by folk violinist Zav RT. Both of these works have travelled around the world with Quatuor Bozzini over the last 20 years: from Berlin to Buenos Aires to Jakarta!

Jennifer Walshe and Thomas Stiegler both draw their inspiration from the visual arts. :blurt is a youthful quartet by Irish composer Jennifer Walshe. A little bomb of energy filled with wild, guttural sounds, the work draws its inspiration from Piet Mondriaan’s painting Trafalgar Square. With Austrian artist Tobias Pils’ Chinese ink drawings as a common thread, Stiegler’s Namenlose Gärten presents 13 “garden stills” filled with unique and intriguing sounds, sometimes reminiscent of Indonesian gamelan.

Illuminated by the creative eye of lighting designer Lucie Bazzo, this retrospective will celebrate Quatuor Bozzini’s collaborations with composers from here and abroad over the past 20 years. A musical journey not to be missed!

Video recording of November 12, 2020

  • Lucie Bazzo: lighting design
  • John Klepko: sound recording
  • Robin Pineda Gould: video director

In the press

Des prix Opus à saveur pandémique

Emmanuel Bernier, La Presse, March 7, 2022
Collectionneur de prix Opus, le Quatuor Bozzini a quant à lui récolté deux mentions dans les catégories «Musiques moderne, contemporaine» et «Création».