In Quatuorama, join the Quatuor Bozzini on an eclectic and varied concert-voyage to discover the genre of the string quartet. We will sail from the classic and moving “Death and the Maiden“ by Franz Schubert to the Soviet era of the 1960s with Dimitri Shostakovich’s dark and enigmatic Quartet No. 7. In contrast, we’ll arrive at Cassandra Miller’s sunny ode to nature through birdsong, and stop for a meditation with Nyanse by Alissa Cheung. Finally, we’ll move with passion and energy through the works of Ana Sokolović and Sky Macklay; one features characters of the Commedia dell’arte combined with Balkan folklore, while the other nods to the classical harmonic tradition in an unbridled, judicious, virtuosic work. Quatuorama is a true journey of styles and cultures, featuring composers from different horizons side by side, all in order to highlight the traces left by the string quartet in the great history of music!