Soirée 2

Ok Là!

  • Saturday, August 7, 2021 7:00 pm
    4000, rue Ethel
    Verdun (Québec)
    H4G 1S4
    • In person




On Saturday, August 7, the water will be perfectly calm. We will bathe there with the sounds of the incredible duduk player, Hraïr Hratchian, whose breath will serve as a passport to rivers with the most colourful backgrounds.

Then, with both feet in the water, the warm and colourful rays of Nadah El Shazly will reflect on your souls, to then diffuse unifying scents.

To close this journey, Quatuor Bozzini will make you float from one feeling to another, from familiar comfort to chromatic discomfort. Making waves with the help of the Zoom Out team and the magazine Hors Champ, who provide a scenic backdrop using archive imagery powered by obsolete but necessary 16mm mechanisms.

Guiding the continual refreshment of this reunion, with the help of her impeccable ear, Marilou Lyonnais A will offer selections that are as exploratory as they are proven.