Only Connect Oslo 2022




How does it feel to be at rest, and how does it feel to arrive in a new place? Jürg Frey explores stillness as much as sound, and in his last string quartet the audience is invited into a subdued but open soundscape. The music is not over-saturated, but concentrates on small sonic shifts and tight musical forms.

The Bozzini Quartet’s florid and prescient chamber music is an optimal partner for this peculiar non-extravagance. Bozzini and Frey have more than 20 years of collaboration behind them, described as ’a quiet friendship with a mutual trust’.

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Torkjell Hovland, Ballade, May 6, 2022
After an hour and ten minutes with this quiet postlude of the day, I went home and felt like I had participated in a ritual that opened my eyes, senses and thoughts.