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What the Press Says…

On Stage

“Monday sees new-music royalty, the Bozzini Quartet, play music by Michael Oesterle and Ana Sokolovic…”

The New York Times (USA), August 2019

“The Quatuor Bozzini belongs to that select group of fearless string quartets — 4****”

The Guardian (UK), March 2019

“the recondite elegance of Cassandra Miller and Linda Catlin Smith, as played by the Bozzinis

National Sawdust (USA), December 2018

“It felt like staring directly into the sun, transcendent and mindblowing.”

5:4 (UK), November 2018

“With over 200 commissions and 300 premieres, their commitment to new works was in full evidence in their ability to make Miller’s and Tenney’s pieces resonate richly on their own terms.”

Vancouver Classical Music (Canada), October 2018

“This Bozzini lead concert was of the highest order, each piece equally as tautly and aesthetically constructed as the other; instrumental materials similarly pitched, also as if a tightrope was being walked somehow.”

Gonzo Circus (Belgium), October 2018

“The Bozzini Quartet played this delicately intense music with subtle aggression…”

The New York Times (USA), August 2018

“… the quartet’s playing throughout had a warm, woody, grainy sound, with excellent intonation, even in extended passages in the violins’ highest range. Their concentration and focus were precise and solid yet with a soft touch, like raw linen stretched taut.”

New York Classical Review (USA), August 2018

“The Bozzinis’ committed and razor-focused performances of works by Linda Catlin Smith and Cassandra Miller made them a tough act to follow.”

Christian B Carey, August 2018

“Beyond excellent mainstays like the JACK Quartet, the Talea Ensemble, and Quatuor Bozzini, this year’s festival embraces vital musicians whose work falls outside the classical-music lineage.”

The New Yorker (USA), August 2018

On Disc

“Very impressive, super-solidly played by the Bozzini plus one — a heady outing.”

Simon Martin: Musique d’art in The Squid’s Ear (USA), September 2019

“… Kim Myhr is een artiest die je zeer bewust geen gemakkelijk brokje vlees aanbiedt…”

pressing clouds passing crowds in Musiczine (Belgium), July 2019

“Cette fresque auditive de haute voltige nous chavire aux quatre coins de notre corps, jouant avec notre confort, tiraillant nos méninges. Musique d’art est une escapade sonore intransigeante, défiant son public à plonger au plus profond de lui-même.”

Simon Martin: Musique d’art in Mes enceintes font défaut (Québec), June 2019

“The entire Just So disc gets its life from the bows of the amazing Quatuor Bozzini. This ensemble performs the most austere music with maximum affect, but somehow never disrupts such music’s formality and poise.”

Just So in Tempo (UK), June 2019

Bozzini+ delivers masterful playing and a diverse sense of beauty.”

Bozzini+ in Tempo (UK), June 2019

“The Canadian ensemble Quatuor Bozzini are really something special. […] And they do all of this with great aplomb and, even more impressively, refinement.”

Phill Niblock: Baobab in Free Jazz (Belgium), May 2019

“Playing with timbre and pitch the music deeply resonates, and is very expressive and emotional in its own way. In a great performance by Quator Bozzini and Maranda!”

Simon Martin: Musique d’art in Vital #1183 (Netherlands), May 2019

“On floating layer cake Norwegian percussionist/composer Ingar Zach takes two of his compositions and reimagines them through creative reorchestration.”

floating layer cake in Avant Music News, May 2019

“Sterk aan te bevelen.”

floating layer cake in Dark Entries (Belgium), April 2019

“The creeping tension of the work lends a sense of movement so directionless and gradual, it feels like the piece is moving backward at times, forcing the listener into themselves, somewhere between a state of trance and hypersensitivity, and when Caroline Bergvall begins to recite a text about departure and in a familiar second person, it lands like a sermon for all your former selves.”

floating layer cake in Exclaim! (Canada), April 2019

Upcoming Concerts

January 24: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec

January 25: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec

January 26: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec

January 30: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec

January 31: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec

February 1: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec

February 2: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec

February 6: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec

February 7: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec

February 8: Soifs matériaux, Montréal, Québec


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