Four Generations I

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Montréal, Tuesday September 27th, 2005 — Bozzini Quartet is proud to present the first event of its sixth Montréal season, which features an exclusively Quebec and Canadian repertoire, establishing parallels between the works of young creators and those of composers at the height of their career. For the fourth year in a row, the four musicians are back at the Chapelle Saint-Louis in Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church on October 13th 2005, at 8:00pm, for the first of their chamber recitals. In the October 13th programme: LeBlanc, Frigon, Sokolović, Brady, and Tenney.

Bozzini Quartet has explored with pleasure James Tenney’s early works. Composed respectively when he was 21 and 29 years old, String Quartet (in one movement) reveals magnificent writing for strings, while Stochastic Quartet shows harmonic and rhythmic complexities. Also an early work, Tim Brady’s Quatuor no. 1 will be heard for the second time since 1982. Large clusters, complex counterpoint, and a palette of textures are this ultra-modern piece’s signature. Inspired by the pictorial universe of Guido Molinari, Blanc dominant by Ana Sokolović opens a world of nuances; wit, irony, humour, lyricism, and folklore are called upon. Representing the fourth generation, Jimmie LeBlanc proposes a music that takes its basic material from a chorus by pop-rock band Smashing Pumpkins. The Breaking of the Circle is also the title of a fictional book in a Göran Tunstöm novel, telling of how the world as we know it was born of a primordial fault-line. The last piece in the programme, L’Écho des ondes, is a creation by Montréal composer Michel Frigon. Written for Bozzini Quartet, the piece glides in a subtle universe of shimmering reflections, luminosities, and oscillations. A must…

Upcoming Events

  • Release of Bozzini Quartet’s second recording, Steve Reich, Different Trains, in the collection qb under the DAME label, Fall 2005.
  • Concert in Quebec City: Four Generations I programme, November 1st 2005 at the Chapelle du Bon-Pasteur. Recorded by Radio-Canada’s Espace Musique
  • SMCQ Series: La Quadrature du Cercle, January 17th 2006 at Redpath Hall
    • Quatuor à cordes #3 (premiere), Jean Lesage
    • Le grand méridien, Walter Boudreau
    • Rumore Sui, Denys Bouliane
  • European Tour, March 2006
    • Germany: a Südwestrundfunk Ars Nova radio series concert; pieces from Portrait Montréal, the first CD of the Quartet (Claude Vivier, Jean Lesage, Malcolm Goldstein, and Michael Oesterle)
    • Switzerland: four concerts in Aarrau and Gruesch
  • Concert in collaboration with guitarist and composer Bernard Falaise, March 31st 2006 at Théâtre La Chapelle
  • “Salon des Compositeurs” and “Composer’s Kitchen”, second edition, May 1st through 6th 2006
    • Programme of Canadian compositions to be confirmed

Bozzini Quartet

Moving freely between avant-garde events and traditional concerts, Bozzini Quartet, “Discovery of the Year” at the Prix Opus 2001, plays about forty concerts per year. Dedicated to music as universal language, these four young artists communicate an aesthetic that transcends the tastes of any particular era or musical tradition: music famous and unknown, familiar and strange, old and new. They especially enjoy collaborating with living composers, premiering quartets by Christian Wolff, Michael Oesterle, Malcolm Goldstein, Gerald Barry, Tom Johnson, Jean Lesage, and many others.

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