Composer’s Kitchen I - Vancouver workshop 2012: An Invitation to Young Student Composers

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Application procedure — due March 12, 2012

Participants follow the directions below.
Note that we are accepting electronic applications only.

  1. Complete the following application form (in Word or OpenOffice)
  2. Save your completed version of this form with a new name as follows: yourlastname_SCK2012form
  3. Prepare a folder, named yourlastname_SCK2012app and include the following files:
    1. The application form, completed and renamed;
    2. Two sound examples, mp3 or m4a (no aiff accepted) files clearly labeled;
    3. Two scores in pdf format, files clearly labeled;
    4. Your CV in pdf format.
  4. Send this folder to via YouSendIt, or other online file transfer service.
  5. As a confirmation, send a separate email to to let us know that you have sent your application.

For more information, contact us at