Clockwork Souls

Geof Holbrook

Clockwork Souls has been performed in Montréal and Sherbrooke…

1. Beta Release; 2. IDM (Intelligent Dance Music); 3. The Jetsons’ Neurobiology; 4. The Emperor’s New Mind; 5. Achille’s Tendency; 6. IDM (Intelligent Design Music); 7. Golden Braids

I’m an avid reader of literature that deals with the matter of human con- sciousness, and attempts to explain it as a scientific phenomenon. In my view this is an impossible task, and it is this impossibility that makes for such interesting reading. Books such as Gödel Escher Bach by Douglas Höfstädter and The Emperor’s New Mind by Roger Penrose resort to a multidisciplinary approach, exploring areas of mathematics, computer science, philosophy, psychology, visual arts and music. All these things have a cumulative effect on the reader, stimulating him or her to somehow grasp the author’s vision. The true message is subliminal, and such is all I can claim for Clockwork Souls. The seven movements are short contemplations of the nature of consciousness, and the titles are a tribute to my favourite


  • February 15, 2006, Bozzini Quartet4 générations II, Auditorium Serge-Garant — Pavillon C3 — Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke (Québec)

Clockwork Souls

  • Geof Holbrook
  • Year of composition: 2005
  • Instrumentation: string quartet
  • Commission: Quatuor Bozzini



15 Febr 2006
8:00 pm
Sherbrooke (Québec)
16 Febr 2006
8:00 pm
Montréal (Québec)