Four Views Coming and Going

Mark Randall Osborn

Four Views Coming and Going has been performed in Schwaz…

It’s important for me that artworks promote a sense of mental mobility and openness. I hold that this counters a tendency toward rigidity inherent in many social structures. The main way that Four Views Coming and Going (Vier Blicke Kommend und Gehend) attempts to realize this is through a dynamic, polyphonic conception of form. One hears, in a certain sense, four pieces simultaneously, each of which is characterized by different materials and construction. The construction of each is changing over time, from concentration upon local, detailed perspectives to larger scale, formal domains, or vice versa. One might have the sensation that the music, or parts of the music, are moving into and out of focus, or that they are coming nearer, or moving away. At specific points in this moving topography, certain materials come together, changing behavior and construction through their interaction.

This quartet was written during residency at the Stuttgart Akademie Schloss Solitude for the Tage Neue Kammermusik Braunschweig and is dedicated to the Kairos quartet, who have always impressed me with their deeply concentrated, refreshingly energetic precision.

Four Views Coming and Going


22 Sept 2007
8:45 pm
Schwaz (Austria)