Le caillou

Danielle Palardy Roger

Le caillou has been performed in Montréal…

Le caillou (The Pebble) is a graphic score for ensembles of seven or more free improvisers. I rewrite it as needed for various groupings, working from a basic canvas. There have been eight versions of it to this day. It is a very simple game: there is a pebble on the road, and it gets kicked randomly and becomes your pebble; you kick it and send it further away in front of you; you look for it, find it again, eventually lose sight of it and move on, then find a new pebble to kick, and it starts over. I have done this time and time again since I was a child. I wrote this piece in 1998, as the first movement of “Le caillou, le cristal et le camion” for a concert PSM was producing in collaboration with Codes d’accès. It turned out to be Ensemble SuperMusique’s maiden voyage.


Le caillou

25 Janu 2015
1:30 pm – 6:30 pm
In person Free admission
Montréal (Québec)