Quaderno del buio

Fabio Pusterla, Nadir Vassena

I was indecisive for a long time on whether or not to use the voice associated with the four bows. Initially there was to be “only” a string quartet, number two. On the first one (which dates from 1991) I don’t even have the score anymore (but it is in the archives of the Arditti Quartet who created it). The second was actually written a few years ago, but for different reasons, and among other things my lack of personal implication, it was never created, and now it seems so far stylistically, that I dare not longer present it. “Quaderno del buio, rhapsody for soprano e string quartet” [2014] is therefore strictly speaking my second string quartet, 23 years after my first attempts with this “scary” formation.

A notebook where news, memories, notes on the dark are collected. An imaginary harvest around the theme of obscurity which found the necessary words in some poems by Fabio Pusterla who, in the last days of 2013, as I write this program note, do not yet know that I have taken possession of his images and that I dressed them with sounds. Now that the score is almost finished, I can ask him for permission.

The reference to rhapsody applies as much to the texts, taken and stitched together in the spirit of a notebook, a private journal, as for the music, with more or less brief tears, which seem to come from various compositional ideas.

Quaderno del buio is dedicated to Gionata and Noah, so that they learn, also through poetry, to recognize the different types of dark, not to fear the dark night, but to flee the darkness of the soul.

Quaderno del buio

10 Augu 2020
7:30 pm
In person
New York City (New York, USA)