• France, 1996
  • Performer
  • Didier AschourCyprien BusoliniThierry MadiotChristian PruvostSilvia TarozziDeborah Walker

Initiated by Didier Aschour in 1996, it is now a highly regarded, modular ensemble known for its long-term relationships with such composers as Tom Johnson, Christian Wolff, Pascale Criton, and Michael Pisaro. Collectively, the ensemble finds camaraderie in the workthat invites the interpreter into expanded creative roles, such as open/improvisatory elements, geometric/non-linear forms, or the total listening space that is asked of the musicians, sometimes even playing different instruments. One could say the group functions together more like a rock band, which becomes more apparent in their commited realizations of Moondog, but also in the striking way they interpret Music With Changing Parts (Philip Glass). Though its members have arrived together from vastly varied and skilled musical lives, be it baroque, free-improvisation, spectralist, jazz, or minimalist, each of the very unique and high-caliber individuals bring something exceptional to the group. The ensemble is not defined by a particular aesthetic, but rather by process it takes to relizing a piece of music together. they also choose to work with composers who are blurring the edges between artistic forms and hierarchical roles, and as a result become part of the collective ensemble.