Program Notes

Blanc dominant for string quartet was inspired by Guido Molinari’s visual world. It comprises 8 movements and is structured as a theme and variations. The theme unfolds in two parts; Part I: vertical dimension (harmonic theme). Part II: horizontal dimension (melodic theme). Each of the seven variations brings out a musical correspondence to a painting by Molinari:

  1. Mutation I
  2. Tension
  3. Space / asymetrical
  4. Diagonal black
  5. Mutation II / triangle
  6. White dominant
  7. Coda / continuum

Moninari’s paintings have triggered an autonomous musical response. The point here is not to try to turn the visual into the audible. Blanc dominant is rather the outcome of contemplation, the encounter of artistic sensibilities and the record of an enchantment. How Molinari’s visual works resonate in my imagination, an aural tribute.