Chambre privée (2012)

Christopher Fox

string quartet

Commission: Quatuor Bozzini


  • 22 Nov 2012 7:30 pm
    hcmf// 2012
    Fox | Ratkje | Steen-Andersen

Program Notes

Imagine a culture in which the string quartet has no history. No Haydn, no late-Beethoven, no Bartòk, no Eleanor Rigby. How would a group of four string players — why four? why not? why two violins? maybe the bass player couldn’t get up the stairs… How would a group of four string players know what to play, how to play together?

Chambre privée is the space in which they might begin to work it out. It’s tentative. Tuning seems to be an issue. Things come adrift and then come back together. If there’s a conclusion it’s not unanimous. Chambre privée was written in 2011 for the Bozzini Quartet, to whom it is admiringly dedicated. It last about fifteen minutes.