Performer’s Kitchen 2016-2017

The Performer’s Kitchen is a constantly evolving event aimed at putting young and emerging performers in close contact with specialists in the field of new music performance. The quartet runs this workshop series once or twice a year, and for only a small group of interested performers.

Performer’s Kitchen

The Performer’s Kitchen is a workshop-laboratory produced by Quatuor Bozzini to ensure the training of new generations of performers who wish to strengthen their abilities in new music performance. During these workshops, the participants benefit from the presence of experienced performers, both specialized in and passionate about the various repertoires of contemporary music. The Performer’s Kitchen constitutes an ideal opportunity to explore, polish and master instrumental practices arising from this music in a casual environment, while becoming familiar with the most recent æsthetic trends. Through this periodic performance residency, Quatuor Bozzini aims at making sure that present-day instrumental techniques pass from one generation to another, and that they become widespread natural practices.

Past concerts

12 May 2017
In person Workshop
Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
2 Dece 2016
Série QB
In person
Montréal (Québec)