Fiona Pacey

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After graduating from Liverpool University Fiona entered the music education world as a peripatetic violin/viola teacher, sharing her love of music with hundreds (possibly thousands) of children. She was always interested in composition and made sure that her pupils had opportunities to improvise and compose and that other teachers felt confident to do the same.

On retirement from her post as Head of Music Service in Leeds, she enrolled at Huddersfield University to study composition for herself, undertaking further study after completing an MA in July 2014. She is interested in subtle shifts and juxtapositions of pitch and timbre, and in exploring relationships between composer, performers and audience.


Fiona Pacey

  • Compositrice


  • Untitled (2015)
    piano et quatuor à cordes

Concerts passés

11 févr 2016
En salle
Huddersfield (Angleterre, RU)