Du souffle


Couverture: Yechel Gagnon, Arpenter le temps (2012)


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  • Étiquette: Collection QB
  • CQB 1617
  • 2015
  • UCC 771028371723
  • Durée totale: 73:05
  • 125 mm × 125 mm × 5 mm
  • 40 g

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La presse en parle

Whither Canada? Part 2

Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector, 20 août 2016

Quasar — the Quasar Quatuor de saxophones, to give them their complete name — also have a solo record of their modernistic saxophone work, Du souffle (CQB 1617). They tackle works by Canadian composers Philippe Leroux, Gilles Tremblay, Jimmie LeBlanc, Claude Vivier and Louis Andriessen. All convincing material and well played too, though LeBlanc’s Fil rouge strikes a chord on today’s spin, perhaps because of its extreme compression; very short segments in this 8-part suite, of which one lasts just 7 seconds, but still manages to say something with a few well-placed toots. I’ve tried reading the composer’s explanation of Fil rouge, but it loses me with its abstruse inter-textual associations. With the other pieces here, it’s notable how many of them stand on the cusp of turning into big-band jazz; there’s something about the chord changes, the awkward attempts to “swing”, and the occasional forays into “complexity” that feel like a laborious attempt to score something which any member of Duke Ellington’s orchestra could easily have played at the drop of a fedora. This jazz leaning is most evident on Facing Death, the 1990 composition by Andriessen, which explicitly attempts to pay homage to the music of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. He originally composed this recasting of complex Be-Bop music for strings, knowing full well that “bebop is not at all idiomatic for string instruments”. It kind of misfires in this woodwind arrangement too, but Quasar acquit themselves well with their efforts, and there’s no denying the heartfelt sentiment behind Andriessen’s work. I just wish it didn’t make jazz seem so “worthy”, like some sort of improving text which we have to study, rather than simply dig.

Quasar acquit themselves well with their efforts, and there’s no denying the heartfelt sentiment behind Andriessen’s work.


Maxime Bouchard, Camuz, 2 février 2016

Impressionant exercice sur ce nouveau disque «acoustique» de Quasar, quatuor de saxophones, groupe québécois très estimé. Des 5 longues compositions, nous retenonons la fantastique interprétation de Facing Death, composition de Louis Andriessen qui clôt l’album. Clin d’œil à Charlie Parker, ce morceau de 18 minutes est magnifiquement arrangé pour l’entrecoisement des 4 lignes de saxophone. Bebop et virtuosité.

Bebop et virtuosité.