hcmf// 2002


La presse en parle


Michael Dervan, The Irish Times, 6 décembre 2002
The Bozzini Sting Quartet from Canada offered a programme which juxtaposed Wolff’s Exercises out of Songs and Gerald Barry’s 1998. This was an inspired bit of programming, presenting the work of composers whose refractions of their chosen material produced some momentarily similar gestural outcomes. 1998 is possibly Barry’s most rigorously unyelding composition.


Anthony Holden, The Observer, 1 décembre 2002
With the Bozzini Quartet’s assured performance of Christian Wolff’s 1974-6 ‘Exercises Out of Songs’, a patchwork quilt of rhythmic variations on folk themes from a wide range of quasi-political sources, the Old Masters of modern music were painting patterns of a complexity and technical mastery to put their disciples to shame.