8. Linda Catlin Smith: Piano + Strings

hcmf// 2017



La presse en parle


Andrew Clements, The Guardian, 21 novembre 2017

Alongside those scores, Catlin Smith’s music seemed joyously straightforward. Eve Egoyan played two of her piano pieces — The Underfolding, an exploration of dense, dark harmonies, and Nocturnes and Chorales, a sequence of spare miniatures of lonely melodies and lingering harmonic sequences. Quatuor Bozzini played two string quartets, Gondola and Folkestone, which confirmed Smith’s fondness for constructing large-scale form from musical vignettes, just as her Piano Quintet (in which Philip Thomas joined the Bozzinis) showed how refined her tonal and harmonic palette is. The biggest compliment one can pay any composer in today’s crowded musical world is to say that their music has a distinctive voice. Smith’s undoubtedly has that.

… a distinctive voice. Smith’s undoubtedly has that.