MaerzMusik Berlin — Récital QB

MaerzMusik 2020

  • 25 mars 2020

Concert annulé

Klosterstraße 67 — Berlin, Allemagne


[traduction française non disponible]

The Canadian Quatuor Bozzini lead this concert into three different yet related energy fields emanating from the world of microtonality. James Tenney’s (1934-2006) string quartet “Koan” releases perceptual marvels by gliding through a simple, linear process of progressively higher microtonal intervals. “Before the Universe Was Born”, the fifth string quartet by Horaţiu Rădulescu (1942-2008), explicitly takes up this year’s festival focus on the beginning of time. It is a shining example of Rădulescu’s radical compositional approach. The evening eventually flows into “Occam Delta XV” — a recent addition to Éliane Radigue’s (*1932) cycle of purely instrumental works, created for and with the Bozzinis. Its large spectrum of vibrating undulations is inspired by a mythical ocean found in David Duncan’s (1913-1999) science-fiction novel, “Occam’s Razor”, as well as by William of Ockham’s (ca. 1288-1347) influential methodological principle expressed most succinctly in his own words, “The simplest, the best.”