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Sur scène

«The Quatuor Bozzini belongs to that select group of fearless string quartets — 4****»

The Guardian (RU), mars 2019

«the recondite elegance of Cassandra Miller and Linda Catlin Smith, as played by the Bozzinis»

National Sawdust (ÉU), décembre 2018

«It felt like staring directly into the sun, transcendent and mindblowing.»

5:4 (RU), novembre 2018

«With over 200 commissions and 300 premieres, their commitment to new works was in full evidence in their ability to make Miller’s and Tenney’s pieces resonate richly on their own terms.»

Vancouver Classical Music (Canada), octobre 2018

«This Bozzini lead concert was of the highest order, each piece equally as tautly and aesthetically constructed as the other; instrumental materials similarly pitched, also as if a tightrope was being walked somehow.»

Gonzo Circus (Belgique), octobre 2018

«The Bozzini Quartet played this delicately intense music with subtle aggression…»

The New York Times (ÉU), août 2018

«… the quartet’s playing throughout had a warm, woody, grainy sound, with excellent intonation, even in extended passages in the violins’ highest range. Their concentration and focus were precise and solid yet with a soft touch, like raw linen stretched taut.»

New York Classical Review (ÉU), août 2018

«The Bozzinis’ committed and razor-focused performances of works by Linda Catlin Smith and Cassandra Miller made them a tough act to follow.»

Christian B Carey, août 2018

«A special occasion, indeed: the music of Swiss composer Jürg Frey, performed by an ensemble that has shown an special knack for his fragile, melancholy idiom.»

National Sawdust (ÉU), décembre 2017

«Quatour Bozzini with Isaiah Ceccarelli (percussion) and Noam Bierstone (percussion), performing Jürg FreyString Quartet No. 3; Unhörbare Zeit»

View from Elsewhere, décembre 2017

Sur disque

«Musique d’art est une escapade sonore intransigeante, défiant son public à plonger au plus profond de lui-même.»

Simon Martin: Musique d’art dans Mes enceintes font défaut (Québec), juin 2019

«The Canadian ensemble Quatuor Bozzini are really something special. […] And they do all of this with great aplomb and, even more impressively, refinement.»

Phill Niblock: Baobab dans Free Jazz (Belgique), mai 2019

«Playing with timbre and pitch the music deeply resonates, and is very expressive and emotional in its own way. In a great performance by Quator Bozzini and Maranda

Simon Martin: Musique d’art dans Vital #1183 (Pays-Bas), mai 2019

«A kind of stable mystery, Musique d’art can only grow in significance.»

Simon Martin: Musique d’art dans The WholeNote #24:7 (Canada), avril 2019

«The Bozzinis excel at this kind of intricate, infinite music…»

Phill Niblock: Baobab dans 5:4 (RU), mars 2019

«This recording […] testifies to their willingness to take on challenges to find new musical ground.»

Phill Niblock: Baobab dans The WholeNote #24:6 (Canada), mars 2019

«… Just So permet de plonger l’auditeur dans une musique relativement déroutante…»

Just So dans Revue & Corrigée #119 (France), mars 2019

«La multiplication des pistes […] permet aux quatre musiciens du quatuor de renforcer l’effet drone de la pièce.»

Phill Niblock: Baobab dans Revue & Corrigée #119 (France), mars 2019

«L’écoute se révèle fascinante…»

Simon Martin: Musique d’art dans Revue & Corrigée #119 (France), mars 2019

«… inescapable and exhilarating, with tonal effects that sparkle and groan simultaneously, an impossibly thick, viscous drag that suddenly feels celebratory when the final notes disintegrate.»

Phill Niblock: Baobab dans Bandcamp Daily (ÉU), février 2019

Prochains concerts

29 août: String Quartet Night (Ostrava Days 2019), Ostrava, République tchèque

31 août: Atelier (Ostrava Days 2019), Ostrava, République tchèque

1 septembre: Atrium na Žižkově Prague, Prague, République tchèque

3 septembre: Quatuor Bozzini (Ny Musik — Automne 2019), Borås, Suède

4 octobre: Quatuor Bozzini (Riverrun 2019), Albi, Tarn, France

5 octobre: Quatuor Bozzini (Riverrun 2019), Albi, Tarn, France

6 octobre: Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis, France

11 octobre: Music of Canada (Festival Internacional Cervantino 2019), Guanajuato, Mexique

28 octobre: Ana Sokolović (Focus), Montréal, Québec

19 novembre: De Link Tilburg, Tilburg, Pays-Bas


Quatuor Bozzini
4816, rue Clark — Montréal (Québec) H2T 2T5 — Canada