Hitchcock Études

Nicole Lizée

Hitchcock Études a été jouée à Huddersfield, New York et Québec…

The premise for Hitchcock Études is centered around my ongoing preoccupation with the fallibility of media. Technology has the potential to fail and can fail in spectacular ways, creating fascinating sounds and visuals. How to capture and replicate those beautiful mistakes?

All of the soundtrack material and visuals are from middle period Hitchcock films: deconstructed, spliced and otherwise damaged, resulting in layers of disjunct, erratic rhythmic material, twisted melodic lines and harmonies.

The living performers interact with the lost, forgotten or even dead icons, simultaneously breathing new life and emotion into the characters while bending, stretching, and hacking the original context, function and storyline. There is something sinister and terrifying when the performers infiltrate the scene and engage with the (often psychotic) character; at once becoming part of the mise-en-scène, while simultaneously guiding it into a new direction.

This work was selected by the International Society for Contemporary Music to be featured at the 2014 World Music Days in Wroclaw, Poland.


  • 26 novembre 2014, hcmf// 2014: 17. Quatuor Bozzini, St Paul’s Hall — University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield (Angleterre, RU)

Hitchcock Études

  • Nicole Lizée
  • Année de composition: 2014
  • Durée: 20:00
  • Instrumentation: quatuor à cordes amplifié, pianos jouets, vidéo et support


26 nove 2014
Huddersfield (Angleterre, RU)
29 janv 2015
New York (New York, ÉU)
26 avri 2019
Québec (Québec)