Kim Myhr

[sans titre] a été jouée à Montréal…

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Composite sound is a central aspect to this piece, where several sound sources come together to create a sound where the individual instruments sometimes are difficult to isolate from the whole. The area between pitch and noise is investigated in a non-hierarchical way. Noise and harmony are seen as inseparable areas which in equal amounts help shape the character of the music. There is harmonic information in noises, as much as there is noise information in pitched material.

The formal and sonic structures in the piece are through composed, though they still leave some space for the performers to find their own way through it. I have thus attempted to combine formal precision with a specific approach to openness that doesn’t compromise the structural clarity of the piece.



[sans titre]

  • Kim Myhr
  • Année de composition: 2015
  • Commande: Komponistenes vederlagsfond — Musikkfondene
23 avri 2015
Série QB
En salle
Montréal (Québec)