Wind Shadows (1994)

Alvin Lucier

trombone et oscillateurs d'ondes pures accordés

Notes de programme

[traduction française non disponible]

Two pure wave oscillators are tuned a tenth of a cycle apart. As their tones sound separately from two loudspeakers, a slow beating pattern is heard to spin across the room once every ten seconds. As it does so, the trombonist plays long tones in near unison with the spinning waves, causing secondary beats to sound. The player is asked to sweep slowly within an extremely narrow range, from three cycles per second above the null point between the spinning waves to three cycles below it. Wind Shadows was written expressly for Roland Dahinden. The work was first performed on October 22, 1994, on the Alvin Lucier: Collaborations Festival at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut.