Swedish folk a cappella for the holidays

As I was feeling homesick for many things-and-people Sweden (see article) I turned to my renewed interested in folk music. I have a particular affinity for Nordic or Scandanavian folk music, and I’m not sure why – maybe there’s really something ‘nordic-sounding’ about it. Maybe it’s the purity of tone. Or the prevalent asymmetric phrasing and rhythm in many of the tunes. Or the alluring timbres of folk instruments like the Hardanger fiddle and nyckelharpa. (I digress…)

In any case, I stumbled upon a Swedish all-female vocal group aptly called, Kraja, which means ‘the place you long for.’ They usually sing a cappella and have a seasonal album called ‘Isjen Sjunger [Ice Songs].’ If you love pure and no-nonsense a cappella singing in close harmonies, check out the band at their website. ‘Ice Songs’ is also available on iTunes or Spotify. A soothing and cozy accompaniment to a winter’s night.

Alissa Cheung

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